St Anne's CE Primary School has a rich and varied history. St Anne's CE Primary School was built as a direct result of the Education Acts of 1876 and 1880, which said that all children must receive an elementary education. It was originally housed in what is now the Headstart Nursery building on Dudley Road and then moved to its current location on Harrowby Road. The school was called St Anne's because it was built on a site known as St Anne's Close. The area in which the school was built used to be known as New Somerby.  Samuel Bentley-Rudd, the architect of the school, was Mayor of Grantham in 1887. His photograph, along with that of John Brice-Bell, who was the school's first secretary, can be seen in the Grantham Museum. 

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St Anne's CE Primary School has continued to grow and develop through the years into the wonderful place of learning that it is today. Our school now has more than two hundred pupils and over thirty members of staff, as well as a wider community that reaches out across the town of Grantham, the county of Lincolnshire and beyond. 

Our school building and grounds have also evolved over the years too and they now include: a large hall, a fully equipped ICT suit and a soft surfaced trim trail and tyre play area, which was funded by a generous lottery grant. We also have many more wonderful features planned for the future, including an outdoor classroom. 

At St Anne's we are a fully inclusive community and this is represented by our new school logo, launched in 2014, which can be seen on our school website, new signage around the school site and, being proudly worn by our pupils on their uniforms.