At St Anne’s Church of England Primary School everything we do supports the core values that transcend all religious faiths, particularly those that lie at the heart of Christianity. Collective Worship forms a central part of each day within our school. This is a special time, where children and staff come together as part of a community, exploring and sharing their beliefs and thinking about the needs of others. The promotion and understanding of Christianity and its values is a key part of our Worship.

At St Anne’s School we have very gook links with our local community, particularly St Anne’s Church. We regularly welcome our vicar (Vicar David) into school to lead Collective Worship, and enjoy participating in a number of church services across the year, which mark some of the key festivals in the Christian Church’s calendar.

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Our School Values

At St Anne's CE Primary School, Christian Values are made explicit and are deeply embedded in the daily life of the school. All members of our community articulate the distinctively Christian characteristics of the school's values and this has a significant impact on the daily lives and achievements of learners. Our values are:

Friendship - Hope - Compassion - Forgiveness - Trust - Thankfulness

A Word from Vicar David

So the holidays are over and we move into this new school year with anticipation of the year ahead. In school there is a real sense of energy and expectation.

I feel so blessed to have a wonderful primary school like St Anne’s in my parish and I very much value that very strong link that we have.

One of the things I really appreciate is being able to share Collective Worship with children and staff in school and those wonderful occasions when we meet together in church for those great celebrations. I always look forward to the Harvest service as it is a great celebration as part this great family of St Anne’s.

As always I wish you all every blessing in the coming weeks and months


David Shenton.