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Y6 Science Week

Y6 Science Week

As part of our science week activities, Mrs Hedley arranged a Zoom chat with one of our St Anne's pupil's family members in Canada. 

Our Year 3 pupil, Hayden, joined us, along with his Mum, so that he could introduce his relative, Colin,  and listen to the talk about his Science-based career journey. 

Colin told us about how his career in science had taken him to lots of different places including Canada, London and Malawi.He has worked as a veterinary technician and he told us all about the different types of care he gave to animals at his clinic in Malawi. However he is now in the Canadian military where he is developing skills so that in the future he can go back to work in Malawi and continue his work with conservation and anti-poaching. He shared that his love of science and animals had led him on an interesting career path.

We listened attentively and then had chance to ask questions.We asked him about his favourite animals and reasons why people poach animals.

A very interesting afternoon!

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