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Y6 Art Installations

Y6 Art Installations

During their Art lessons this term, year 6 have been learning about installation art. They were tasked to consider how they could create an immersive art installation that dealt with an environmental concern, complimenting our learning in Geography about protecting our environment. 

The children considered the materials they were going to use, what sound effects could enhance their work and about their messages they wanted people to think about. We invited the rest of the school to come in to view our finished pieces.

Year 6 spoke brilliantly with the younger children, asking thoughtful questions to help them understand some of the concepts they were conveying and explained what their art work was conveying. We had lots of different environmental concerns including the melting of icebergs and rising sea levels, pollution in the oceans, pollution from car emissions and even an installation dealing with renewable vs non-renewable energy. 

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