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YR Trip to Pets at Home

YR Trip to Pets at Home

YR enjoyed a walk in the sunshine today and visited our local Pets at Home, where they took part in their small animal workshop. The children loved meeting a selection of small pets; holding guinea pigs, rabbits and meeting a pair of really cute gerbils! They enjoyed learning all about how to look after pets and asked some brilliant questions.

As well as the workshop, our youngest children very enthusiastically took part in a 'Shopping Challenge' in the neighbouring Home Bargains and Poundworld stores. They had to search for a selection of products in the store and enjoyed 'writing for a purpose', recording all their findings on their clipboards! The icing on the cake was spending their group 'pocket money' on some fabulous new art and writing resources for our classroom.

A brilliant afternoon with fantastically behaved children! Well done Reception!

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