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Year 4 Visit to National Justice Museum

Year 4 Visit to National Justice Museum

On the Tuesday 20th of February 2018, Year 4 visited The National Justice Museum in Nottingham to further their learning about their "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" topic.

During the morning we looked around the old Nottingham Gaol and Elizabeth Fry told us about how she helped to reform the prison. We looked at several different items they used in the old gaol to keep prisoners in line too.

In the afternoon, Year 4 role played a trial within the old court room. The trial was an actual trial that had taken place in the very court over 100 years earlier. Amelia played the role of the defendant and she was found to be "not guilty" and was set free by Judge Brister.

We all had a great day out and the children learnt plenty of their time at the gaol.

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