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Our Open Morning

Our Open Morning

Thank you to all of the family and friends of St Anne's who visited us for our Open Morning yesterday. We had great fun sharing our learning with you and hope that you enjoyed it as much as us.

The Reception children were busy working with toys as part of their “Let’s Celebrate” Topic. They were painting toy portraits, making robots and designing homes for their toys. They also wrapped presents to send to friends in the role play post office. In Year 1, Miss Righton and her class were preparing for a party. They created beautiful decorations from clay and played party games outside. Everyone had lots of fun! Year 2 were very busy practising their times tables in the ICT Suite. They also spent time making and decorating gliders as part of their “Flying High” topic.

Over in KS2, Y3 were investigating forces by racing cars without being able to touch them. They also investigated using map co-ordinates to find hidden treasure. Year 4 were learning all about Viking Runes. They also managed to squeeze in a maths challenge where the children made as many squares and triangles as they could using only 20 sticks. In Y5 it was a Science extravaganza as the parents helped the children to investigate which shoes provided the most friction and how pulleys work as force multipliers. Finally, Year 6 were working hard studying a specific art technique called cross hatching. This is a process where you can shade an area using intersecting sets of parallel lines. They created some fab cube art.

Don't forget to check out twitter for more photos and memories of our fab morning in school. 

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