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Y6 Residential Trip To PGL

Y6 Residential Trip To PGL

On Monday 6th November, Year 6 went to Caythorpe for their week at PGL. And what a week they had!

During the 5 days, Year 6 undertook a number of exciting and often challenging activities such as abseiling, climbing, trapeze, Jacob's ladder, quad biking, rifle shooting and many more! The children showed amazing determination, teamwork and courage, pushing themselves and each other to achieve as much as possible. 

During the evenings, they took part in different games, activities and challenges: Splash which involved designing a carrier to protect a water balloon which was then dropped from the climbing tower- however none made it safely down; Cluedo; a film night (perfect after a cold day outside all day!) and then a disco. They also had free time in their accommodation which usually involved playing games like Uno, enjoying listening to stories, practising parts of the Christmas play and enjoying a hot chocolate before bed!

All the adults who accompanied the children (Miss Chadwick, Mrs Shelton, Mr Shaw, Mrs Handforth and Mrs Arms-Rawden) were impressed by the effort and enthusiasm of the children during the week! Well done to all of Year 6!